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News and updates : February' 2004

01. 2003 round-up reporters without borders  
02. International Religious Freedom Report 2003  
News and updates : January' 2004
01. Drishtipat challenges banning of Ahmadiyya publications  
02. Bangladesh Journalism Training Program  
News and updates : December' 2003
01. Raid on Arab TV network hardly a democratic move  
02. Drishtipat, an expatriate Bangladeshi organization  
03. It's Wal-Mart's way, or no way, the world over  
News and updates : November' 2003
01. Human Rights in Bangladesh 2002  
02. Bangladesh Hills Rumble With Discontent  
03. Praxis journal launched  
News and updates : October' 2003
01. GKP/Panos Media Award :Reporting on the Information Society  
02. Drishtipat revamps its website  

03. 2004-05 Humphrey Law and Human Rights Fellows

04. Back from Mahalchari, Khagrachari  
05. Pakistani journalist shot dead- help needed  
06. No official fanfare for Nobel win in Iran  
07. Bangla Mayer Beer Meyera - A Campaign for the women of 1971 by Drish  
08. Searching Jenin: A Photoessay by Prof. Finkelstein  
News and updates : September' 2003
01. Nepal: Bhutanese Refugee Screening Seriously Flawed  
02. By People for Peace in Kashmir  
03. Move on to tap phone calls, bust e-mails  

04. A Failed Israeli Society Collapses While Its Leaders Remain Silent

News and updates : August' 2003
01. Shame on us: Horrific tale of a woman  
02. It is an urgent report by World Health Organization (WHO)  
03. Bangladesh tribes protest against wall, and Bangladesh 'tribals' seek support  
04. Civil liberties and uncivil super-patriotism: the struggle between the two Americas  
05.Journalist attacked by police, detained and charged with theft  
06. Non-Muslims persecuted in Bangladesh: Human Rights activist  
07. India: Attacks on civilians unacceptable  
News and updates : July' 2003

01. Human rights situation of Bangladesh minorities in Europe


02. Tom whom it will concern


03. Rape and torture empties the villages

News and updates : June' 2003

01. Bangladesh: Journalist brutally attacked


02. International (Hindu) human rights seminar


03. Amnesty International publishes annual report 2003

04. India: Justice Eludes Families of the "Disappeared" in Punjab  
05. Bangladesh: Harassment of news editors must stop  
06. How do we treat our minorities? Time for some honest answers  
07. The 2002/2003 Commonwealth Photographic Awards  
News and updates : May' 2003

01. Conference call for papers and announcement, the history of human rights

02. Workshop on "the use of advocacy tools for rights by ESDO  
03. India: militant leader threatens to kill journalists in Kashmir  
04. RSF publishes annual photo album to help imprisoned journalists  
05. Press freedom declines worldwide  
06. Threats and intimidation for secular and independent press in Bangladesh  
07. CPJ sent the following open letter today to Prime Minister Khaleda Zia  
08. World press freedom day: May 3, 2003  
News and updates : April' 2003
01. A warmonger explains war to a peacenik  
02. 'War'-on-Iraq a IQ test  
03. A monument to hypocrisy  
04. North Korea: human rights concerns  
05. Genocide 1971: what does the world know about it?  
06. Why is it important to learn about the holocaust and the genocides of all peoples?  
News and updates : March' 2003
01. Anti war slogans  
02. What makes a war happen ( Power point presentation )  
03. War in e.kobi's diary ( Bangla PDF )  
04. Curbs imposed on Bangladeshi media over war  
05. India: censorship of documentary  
06. It's for your own good  
News and updates : February' 2003
01. The prisoner's tale, By Saleem Samad  
02. BBC online news report:: Asia's sex trade is 'slavery'  
News and updates : January' 2003
01. Child trafficking: experts examine problem In Bangladesh  
02. Push to stop child trafficking [Bangladesh]  
03. Bangladesh: impunity for the army unacceptable  
04. Bangladesh: indemnity bill - a human rights challenge for parliament  
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