Shame on us: Horrific tale of a woman
Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq


There are some incidents that push you to the edge of your human sensitivity and empathy. What inhumanity and barbarism make such things possible? Worse, the criminals may not get punished, emboldening them more and more.

The whole day I felt a deep sense of sadness and anger - I don't know which was more - just thinking about the experience of Sharifa.

There are a lot of things for which we take pride in our nation, but one can't feel but a profound sense of hurt and anguish at such incidents.

Shame on us that such incidents occur.
Shame on us that criminals are so bold and inhuman in our society.
Shame of us that our government and the law and order often patronize these criminals.
Shame on us.
Shame on us.
Shame on us.

Horrific tale of a woman
Staff Correspondent, Khulna

Courtesy: Daily Star [July 28, 2003]

Miscreants, after killing her father over a land dispute, abducted Sharifa, gangraped her and perpetrated inhuman torture as her mother filed a case for the killing.

The incident took place on Friday at Paranpur village under Chitalmari upazila in Bagerhat district.

Seventy-year-old Motaleb Shaikh was killed three months ago. His wife Aklima Khanam filed a case with Chitalmari thana, accusing ten persons.

The accused abducted their daughter Sharifa Khatun, 27, from her father's house Friday morning at arms point and kept her confined in the house of Hanif Shaikh, one of the accused in the murder case.

According to neighbours, Sharifa was stripped off clothes and gangraped by the abductors. They beat her with a hammer and poured dust of dried red chilli into her private part.

On information, her elder brother Zahidur Rahman rush to Barhobaria police camp. Police recovered her from the house of Hanif Shaikh in an unconscious state and sent her to Chitalmari health complex.

In the afternoon on Friday, she was sent to Bagerhat Sadar Hospital in a critical condition. Sharifa regained consciousness at about 6-30 am on Saturday.

Dr Abdus Salam of Bagerhat Sadar Hospital told this corespondent on Saturday that Sharifa is not yet out of danger as she sustained severe injuries in her private part and also in other vital parts of body.

When contacted, Bagerhat Police Superintendent Mesbahuddin Ahmed said he has ordered drastic action against the culprits.

But none was arrested till 4 PM on Saturday. Meanwhile, the alleged abductors of Sharifa have threatened her mother Aklima with death if she files any case for torture of on her daughter. They have also threatened Aklima to withdraw the murder case, sources said.

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  Photo : Abir Abdullah/ Drik
( Evicted slum dweller, from High Court ground)