Tom whom it will concern
By: Tanvir Haider Siddiqui


Dear Bangladeshi,

I am a citizen of Bangladesh, currently residing in Dallas, Texas. I need to ask something to our President/Prime Minister and Secretary, "How come we always have these kinds of tragedy that just happened on July, 8th 2003.

A big launch drowned and hundreds of people lost in the river. How come we don't do anything at the end of the day? What we see is few ministers going in the spot take some pictures and say some words. Next day president and promise minister go there and same drama happens again. Why is that? Why always we have bus accident, launch accident, truck and all these accidents. We have laws, and we cannot use that. I have the right to ask the president or whoever is responsible for this crime, how come a big launch drowned in a river? Is there any fault of the engine, if then why you let the launch to ship at the first place? And if the engine was all right, then there must be over load of passengers, which happens everyday. Why they took overload passenger, just to make few taka from each passenger. And just few hundred taka has killed so many people. I need to know why we can't fix our country. If this thing happens in USA, people will talk about it for month and they will try to fix the problem or develop the system. What we do is, we will remember this incident for a day, and tomorrow we will have another tragedy. Why we let the tragedy happens again? Why can't we stop that? What I believe we don't punish the responsible persons. If we can do it today to the person who is responsible for this launch drowning then tomorrow it will never happen. Take necessary action. If you need more police or anything, we have millions of people who don't have any job. Use them; use them in a right way and right path. Remember tomorrow you will face the same thing. Try to fix it now before it goes out of the hand. I, Tanvir Haider Siddiqui, president of the Bangladesh Student Organization (BSO) in University of Texas at Dallas, request you or the responsible persons to take action on this incident."

Thank you very much for taking your time and go through this e-mail. I request whoever is getting this e-mail please forward it the right persons. I could get hundreds of signatures and fax you. Then I thought let's see how one general person's e-mail change our dear Bangladeshi's mind, then I will go for that. Please bear with me, help our country, we can make this country the best, because we have people, we have talent and we have recourses. We just need few good leaders who can show us the right path. And few good workers to follow. Till then we have to do what we can do. Please help us out.

Best Regards,
Tanvir Haider Siddiqui
Tel: (214) 552-3966
July 10, 2003

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  Photo : Abir Abdullah/ Drik
( Evicted slum dweller, from High Court ground)