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Bangladesh Journalism Training Program



We are happy to announce that Academy for Educational Development (AED)/ Bangladesh Human Rights Advocacy Program (BHRAP) is going to organize a Training Program for journalists from print and broadcast media

The aim of this training program is to improve standards in human rights investigative reporting in Bangladesh

The Training Program will be facilitated by two renowned international journalists namely:

Lewis M. Simons: (1997 - present) National Geographic writer. He has worked for Time magazine, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, The Washington Post etc.: Covered Bangladesh during the Liberation War in 1971 and did follow-up coverage of Bangladesh for three years afterward. He won the Pulitzer Prize 1986 for International Reporting; American Newspaper Guild, Grand Prize and Investigative Reporting Award.

Deborah J. Winsten: (1989 – present) Media Development Journalism Trainer; She has worked for, Timebound Program Tanzania, Technical Assistance Trainer; LEAP Nigeria, Radio Development Assessment Consultant; One World Radio & AIDS Radio, North America Project Manager; Radio Free Asia, Producer; Voice of America, Special English News writer; WRC-AM, Producer; Harvard University, Broadcast Media Specialist.

The training program will also be facilitated by other local eminent journalists.

Program Date: January 25-29, 2004

How to apply: Interested journalists are requested to apply directly to AED/BHRAP, Suit:
304, Prime View, 7, Gulshan Avenue (South), Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, with

-A copy of latest Curriculum Vitae (no longer than five pages);
-A brief letter explaining their interest in the program; and
-Three samples of what s/he considers her/his best work

Deadline for Application: January 15, 2004
Only selected participants will be contacted, no application will be
processed after the deadline date.

' Women are specially encouraged to apply'

For more information please contact:
Iftequer Mahmud
Program Officer
Bangladesh Human Rights Advocacy Program
Academy for Educational Development (AED)
Tel: +88 02 881 1485 Ext.107
Mobile: 0171 289465

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